C2C Window Drain Kit (1m)


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If your window has a pool of water in the bottom you need to remove this before you use the Condensation2Clear window repair kit.

This kit includes a Syringe, 1m tubing, and an angled hose attachment to get into the window through the hole created by the window repair kit.


1 – Drill a 4mm hole using the drill in the repair kit in one of the bottom corners of the window.
2 – Attach the syringe/hose and host adapter and insert into the window, the angled adapter head should go through the hole and touch the bottom of the window where the water is pooled.
3 – Use the syringe to drain the water

Note: you will have to detach and re-attach the syringe if you have more than 50ml water, but if you siphon out and then remove the syringe keep the hose down, gravity should drain most of the liquid and then you can use the syringe to pull through the remaining liquid.

At this point let the window clear but don’t insert the drying agent until the bottom of the window is clear of water.

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