Don’t replace foggy windows / sealed units with condensation! 
repair them its easy!

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This window was repaired in January in Everett, Washington in just 2 days..

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Today condensation can easily be removed from failed double glazing, by a person with very basic DIY skills, using the Condensation2Clear DIY kit! Any person that can drill a hole in wood, can repair a sealed unit using our easy 4 stage process.

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See how simple the process is in this 40 second video and save yourself hundreds of £'s on replacement glass!


Do your windows look anything like the pictures Below?  If YES our kits can remove the condensation and bring your view back to life! The repair is guaranteed for 20 years, although in reality will last the lifetime of the unit. Scientifically the guarantee is guaranteed because after the repair the pressure equalised unit will react differently to it's environment and will not become pressurised when heated by the sun. 

Before Condensation RepairAfter Condensation Repair

Here lies the problem, after years of being pressurised by the sun, one day the seal on the unit will open and the dry air which creates the thermal barrier will be forced out of the unit. As the unit cools down it will breath in damp air, which will be absorbed by the desiccants that surround the unit. However, the unit will now open when heated and as it cools it will breath in more damp air, this is called "solar pumping". Eventually, the desiccants will reach a point of saturation and the unit will then produce condensation. Condensation2Clear solves this problem forever.


Ensure you know which glass type you have toughened / tempered also known as safety glass or standard glass, as the repair is different and you must purchase the correct kit.

METHOD Standard Glass:

  1. Using our templates drill two tiny holes in opposite corners of the unit with our specialist drills.
  2. Dry out the unit with dissolving pellets.
  3. Plug both holes with tiny plugs once condensation clears. (Our plug has a 0.5mm hole so the unit will never open again under pressure).

METHOD Toughened or Tempered Glass:

  1. Drill two 5mm holes in opposite sides of the unit with our specialist drills, if you cannot drill both sides drill 2 holes underneat each other.
  2. Dry out the unit with dissolving pellets.
  3. Plug both holes with white breathable vents once condensation clears.

The thermal barrier is also recreated as the unit now holds still dry air and will only expel a minute amount of air when heated. Take a look at the video showing how the process works. Please read our FAQ’s, if you still have a question just send us a message…