How much does it cost to have sealed units replaced?

On average double glazing companies charge around £100 per square meter and offer a 5 Year guarantee.

Will the C2C kit work on windows in a conservatory?

Yes the Condensation2Clear kit will work perfectly well on double glazed conservatory windows.

Will the C2C kit work with the single glazed windows?

No the Condensation2Clear kit will not work on single glazed windows.

If I have 1 unit gone can I repair all of the units with the C2C kit so that the others don’t mist up?

Yes you can repair all double glazed units.

Will the C2C kit clear a gray-silver film on the inside of my sliding glass door?

No if your unit has failed for a long time chemicals from the desiccants mix with the condensation and the sun bakes the chemicals into the glass causing a cloudy effect. This is called letching and looks like river inlets inside the unit. Letching is baked into the glass and CANNOT be removed.

I have one misty window are other windows likely to mist up?

Yes when one window condensates it is a pretty good sign that others will soon follow.

Will the C2C kit clean the inside glass as well as dry it out?

Yes the Condensation2Clear kit will clean the inside of the unit but it will not remove any staining or etching.

Can the repair be carried out from the inside of the property?

The windows must be drilled from outside the property, depending on the location of the window the pane can be removed, drilled then re-inserted.

Can you really guarantee the repair for the lifetime of the window?

Yes after the repair the pressure equalised unit will react differently to the environment and will not become pressurised then open and later condensate.

Can the repair be carried out 12 months of the year?


How long does it take after the repair for the window to clear?

he time it takes for the unit to dry out will vary depending on size, how long the unit has failed, how much damp is in the desiccants, and of course the time of year. Some units will clear within a few hours, others may take a week and some have even been known to take up to 12 weeks.

Does a pressure equalised unit have the same thermal value as a sealed unit?

Yes the repaired unit will have the same thermal value as when it was new, except for if it was argon filled, then the thermal value will be slightly lower.

There is more condensation in the unit a few days after the repair than there was before the repair!

GR8! The repair process is working! Damp is being drawn from the desiccants in the spacer bars into the unit prior to evaporation through the two holes.