Fixing Double Glazing Condensation: A Comprehensive Guide

Double glazing has revolutionised the way homes are insulated, keeping interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer. However, one of the common issues homeowners encounter with double-glazed windows is condensation. This occurs when moisture gets trapped between the two glass panes. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem. This article delves into why condensation happens and how to fix it.

Understanding the Problem

Before delving into the solution, it’s important to understand why condensation forms in double glazing. Essentially, when there’s a significant temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass, condensation occurs. In double-glazed windows, if the sealant breaks or if there are issues with the desiccant (the moisture-absorbing material in the window spacer bars), moisture can enter, leading to condensation between the panes.

Fixing Double Glazing Condensation

  1. Where is the condensation: The first thing to do is to check where the condensation is, if it’s on the inside of the windows then the problem will not be the glass unit itself and it’ll be down to the internal environment! Often, homes that are well insulated can trap moisture. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of condensation. Ensure that your home is well-ventilated, especially during the colder months. You can do this by regularly opening windows for a short period or using extractor fans.
  2. If condensation is between the two panes of glass: If the condensation is between the two panes of glass, then you have a more serious problem. Your window seals have failed that this allows moisture to enter the window this then gets trapped and for some time will be managed by the desiccant inside the window frames. This is caused by a phenomenon called solar pumping. You can read here about why windows fail. If you have patio doors or toughened glass windows, you cannot drill the glass and would have to use our toughened glass repair kit here.
  3. Can I find my sealed unit: The short answer is Yes, windows can be fixed as long as they have not gone too far. By this we mean, if you still have moisture inside the window then this can be removed. If the window has failed for some time, eventually you will get dry white streaks on the glass, we’ll cover this below. Assuming this has not happened yet, then the window can be fixed by using the Condensation2Clear Window Repair Kit. This is a simple DIY process that involves drilling a small 4mm hole in 2 corners of the window, inserting some drying agent to star the moisture extraction process and once the window clears install breathable vents to stop this happening again. The kits come various sizes depending on how many of your windows have failed.
  4. I have lots of dry why stains inside my window: If the stains have been there for some time, then there is a good chance that the windows has gone too far to be fixed. With the Repair kit above, we also have a window flush kit, that may help to remove some of the stains, but if they are starting to look like they have depth to them, the I think you can safely say, the Glass Unit is going to have to be replaced.

Preventing Future Condensation

Once you have used the Condensation2Clear Window Repair kit, your window will not be able to breathe and will not allow condensation in again, just make sure the window is clear before installing the vents. The vents can be filled out and replaced if necessary, and spares are always available on this site.

Conclusion – Fixing Double Glazing Condensation

Condensation in double-glazed windows isn’t just annoying, it can be an eyesore and expensive especially if it’s left failing for too long. By understanding the root cause and applying the fixes listed above, homeowners can ensure their windows remain clear and effective. Regular maintenance and mindful practices can keep condensation at bay and let you enjoy the benefits of double glazing for years to come.

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