Condensation2Clear 8 Window Repair Kit

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This kit does EXACTLY what it says on the box!
Condensation2Clear for 8 Windows 


Today condensation can easily be removed from failed double glazing, by a person with very basic DIY skills, using the Condensation2Clear DIY kit! In fact any person that can drill a hole in wood, can repair a sealed unit it really is easy. The repair only takes 20 minutes and is guaranteed for 20 years, although in reality the repair will last the lifetime of the unit. Scientifically the guarantee is guaranteed because after the repair the pressure equalised unit will react differently to it’s environment and will not become pressurised then open and later condensate.

If you have one or two units blown, you can be sure that other units will soon follow, one kit £49.99 will repair 12 units, so the repair cost is only £4.17 per unit. The repaired unit will have the same thermal value as when it was new, except for if it was argon filled, then the thermal value will be slightly lower.


  1. Install the first template in the lowest bottom corner and the second template in the opposite top corner.
  2. Drill one hole through both templates using the 4mm diamond drill bit whilst spraying with water.
  3. Insert a 4mm dia magnet into the cavity; now use both magnets to break up any mildew.
  4. Insert condensation pellets into the unit. (the pellets will disappear after 1 month)
  5. Install & cement in both holes two 6mm transparent plugs with a 0.5mm pressure release hole.

You will need to supply one electric drill, and some tap water.

If your unit has failed for a long time chemicals from the desiccants mix with the  condensation and the sun bakes the chemicals into the glass causing a cloudy effect.  This is called letching and looks like river inlets inside the unit.  Letching is baked into the glass and CANNOT be removed.
This kit will not fix toughened / tempered or safety glass use our Toughened Glass Repair Kit for these types of windows / doors.
If you are unsure on your type of glass if in the UK look for a kit mark in the corners of the glass, any units after 1995 should have this.. If outside UK your window may have a mark if not there are plenty of videos on youtube that show how to test for toughened glass using a mobile/cellphone (without screen protector) and polarised sun glasses.
1x Instruction Booklet 2x Drilling templates 1x Tape to secure templates 1x Safety mask 1x Safety glove for handling pellets 4mm Diamond coated drill bits 1x Spray bottle to apply water whilst drilling 2x Rare earth neodymium magnets (1 inside unit + 1 outside unit) Disappearing drying pellets 6mm Transparent glass plugs (2 per unit) 1x Wooden plug applicator 1x Transparent glass plug & pin installer 1x Plug adhesive
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