• Large window cleared of condensation in 2 days Everett, Washington, US

    09 Feb , 2019
    Don't carry on with a poor view looking through misty and foggy windows. Get rid of the condensation and get your view back.. Fix your windows today with out simple DIY kit.


  • Now Autumn / Fall is here why are my windows foggy?

    03 Sep , 2018

    MY WINDOWS WERE FINE DURING THE SUMMER, BUT NOW AUTUM/ FALL, WINTER IS APPROACHING THEY ARE STARTING TO FOG UP.   Windows are under immense pressure during their lifetime being constantly heated by the sun and cooling as the day comes to an end. This processes known as solar pumping puts pressure on the seals every time it happens. One day a seal on the unit will give way and...


  • Why double glazed sealed units fail

    17 Oct , 2016

    WHY SEALED UNITS FAIL? The purpose of a double glazed sealed unit is to create a thermal barrier between the two panes of glass. A thermal barrier is created by trapping still dry air in the unit, as still dry air is a very poor conductor of heat. The sealed unit is under pressure and expands and contracts daily when it is heated by the sun and then cools. One...


  • DIY HACK: What glazing firms don't want you to know

    19 Sep , 2016

    Window Replacement and Glazing Firms continuously state you cannot repair sealed units when they fail with condensation. The key reason is they want to sell you new windows. These units can be repaired, There is a simple process and there is a kit available that provides what you need. A repair takes 20 minutes to complete and all you need to provide is a standard drill and some tap water. ...