Large window cleared of condensation in 2 days Everett, Washington, US

09 Feb , 2019

"My window cleared in 2 days!"

It's always nice to get great customer feedback, for for one of our customers who purchased our Condensation Windows Repair Kit he very large picture windows cleared within 2 days... and he sent us the pictures to show the difference...

Thank you Richard from Everett for sharing your results.

Condenstation2Clear does what is says it will. Removed Condensation / Mist from inside your Double Glazed Sealed Units (Insulated Glazed Units), with our simple DIY Kit..

It's easy to fix check out our videos and order your repair kit today. Click Here

Don't accept a poor view out your windows, fix them it's not difficult and can save you a small fortune on replacing all the glass

Before After

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