Don’t Let Condensation Ruin Your View!

DIY Condensation Repair Kit

Condensation2Clear DIY Window Repair Kits



Simple 4 step process as described below in our instructional video



Windows can clear from as little as 7 days depending on the amount of condenstaiton inside the window.



Fix for as little as £5 per window, based on our 12 window kit

Don’t replace foggy windows / sealed units with condensation! repair them its easy!

See how simple the process is in this 40 second video and save yourself hundreds of £’s on replacement glass!

Today condensation can easily be removed from failed double glazing, by a person with very basic DIY skills, using the Condensation2Clear DIY kit! Any person that can drill a hole in wood, can repair a sealed unit using our easy 4 stage process.

Do your windows look anything like the pictures Below? If YES our kits can remove the condensation and bring your view back to life! The repair is guaranteed for 20 years, although in reality will last the lifetime of the unit. Scientifically the guarantee is guaranteed because after the repair the pressure equalised unit will react differently to it’s environment and will not become pressurised when heated by the sun.


Install Template

Attach drill template to 2 corners of the failed window


Drill 2 Holes

Drill 2 small 4mm holes with our diamond coated glass drill bits


Insert Drying Agent

Insert drying agent pellets every other day for 5 days.


Insert Vents

Install vents into holes once the window has cleared

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