Don’t replace foggy windows / sealed units with condensation! repair them its easy!

See how simple the process is in this 40 second video and save yourself hundreds of £'s on replacement glass!

Today condensation can easily be removed from failed double glazing, by a person with very basic DIY skills, using the Condensation2Clear DIY kit! Any person that can drill a hole in wood, can repair a sealed unit using our easy 4 stage process.

Do your windows look anything like the pictures Below? If YES our kits can remove the condensation and bring your view back to life! The repair is guaranteed for 20 years, although in reality will last the lifetime of the unit. Scientifically the guarantee is guaranteed because after the repair the pressure equalised unit will react differently to it's environment and will not become pressurised when heated by the sun.

Here lies the problem and the solution!

Here lies the problem, after years of being pressurised by the sun, one day the seal on the unit will open and the dry air which creates the thermal barrier will be forced out of the unit. As the unit cools down it will breath in damp air, which will be absorbed by the desiccants that surround the unit. However, the unit will now open when heated and as it cools it will breath in more damp air, this is called "solar pumping". Eventually, the desiccants will reach a point of saturation and the unit will then produce condensation. Condensation2Clear solves this problem forever.

What the window and glazing firms do not want you to know

If you do any research you'll hear the units have to be replaced and some will even try to sell you new frames as well. This is absolute rubbish, there are some instances when you have to replace windows, if you have white streaky dry marks on your windows then yes these have gone to far. However if there is water / moisture in side your windows, you've caught them in time and this kit will repair them.

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